“Gazing across the chiseled Clear Creek Canyon, I breathe in nature’s subtleties. Suddenly a pair of Ravens soaring by breaks my contemplation, and at this moment with adamant clarity, I recognize the gravity of these insidious creatures. Ravens at their nature are committed and loyal to each other. Also, hopelessly optimistic creatures, they scavenge the earth for nutriment in all forms without hesitation. The Raven Workshop is an expression of the interpretation of the Raven- resourceful, committed, faithful, enduring. Often called upon for clarity and to help bring one back to health and harmony.”


We believe in people, position and product when selecting companies to work with. Each of these companies is top of the line in its respective market with great people and an excellent position in each market channel. The people of The Raven Workshop both personally and professionally aspire to embody the Raven.

-Eric Miller, Principal Rep


Snippet about the importance of people.


Snippet about the importance of position.


Snippet about the importance of people.


The Raven Workshop is a four person agency run by Eric Miller and based out of Golden, Co. Meet the team below.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller

Principal Territory Manager

With rhythm in movement and music powering his soul, he expresses diligence, creativity and passion fixed with a bluebird in his heart. He’s a man of grace, speed, dedication and compassion.

e: mildawg@theravenworkshop.net

Jody Connor
Jody Connor

Senior Territory Manager

Born in the Midwest, but long-lived in the west, you’ll find Jody in boots, on a pair of bike wheels, a backcountry trail, campfire or country rock bar.

“For every day that there is sunshine, there will be days of rain. It’s how we dance within them both that shows our love and pain” -Joey Tolbert

e: jody@theravenworkshop.net

Holly O'Brien
Holly O'Brien

Senior Account Manager (Co, NM)

You can find Holly Bagging Peaks not only on foot but on her mountain bike, too. In the winter she spends her time at Mary Jane and backcountry skiing. Most importantly, she’s known for her ridiculous dance moves and obsession with her dogs EmmyLou and Schatzie.

e: holly@theravenworkshop.net

Judd Salvas
Judd Salvas

Account Manager (UT, WY)

You can find Judd chasing his powder filled dreams down the slopes of Utah to shredding endless miles of single track on his mountain bike to throwing that perfect fly cast on the river. Judd’s love for the outdoor sports he pursues facilitates a connection to his happiness and he cherishes every day he is able to share and experience the sense of freedom, beauty and adventure with family and friends in nature. 

e: judd@theravenworkshop.net

“The Raven Workshop is an expression of the interpretation of the Raven- resourceful, committed, faithful, enduring…”